MIMO Festival Olinda 2013

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One of Brazil's most amazing travelling cultural festivals has just started in Olinda

In 2013, marking ten years since its birth there, MIMO “Brazil’s most adventurous music festival” returns to Olinda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese - watch a UNESCO video about this special place:

One of Brazil’s most amazing travelling cultural festivals is happening in three of the most stunning towns in the country, noted for their Baroque architecture and historic significance: Paraty in Rio de Janeiro, Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais and Olinda in Pernambuco- the hosts of MIMO 2013.
If you’re in the Northeast Region of Brazil during this week then you should really think about visiting the MIMO Festival, a free event between September 2nd and September 8th, taking pride of place in the historic, oldest and most beautiful public spaces in Olinda.
The harmonious balance between the buildings, gardens, 20 Baroque churches and convents all contribute to Olinda’s particular beauty. The historical centre of Olinda, which is located just 6 kilometres to the north of Recife, still retains the charm of a city museum from the colonial period.


MIMO Festival Olinda 2013

MIMO is an itinerant cultural festival with an international music program, from classical to jazz to modern world melodies, presented for free in churches, town squares, courtyards and other outdoor places around the city.

However, the event is not for music only. This runs concurrently with the Film Festival, with outdoor screenings, and MIMO's Etapa Educativa - the educational programme for children from local schools. The 10th edition presents music, cinema, educational sessions, visual art, master classes and workshops in a celebration of free access to all kinds of culture.
The MIMO Film Festival was launched in 2004, as an integral part of MIMO in Olinda, providing a unique environment for encounters between musicians, film-makers and the public. Also they invest in the musical education of young people and improving professionals.
There will be a number of foreign and latino musicians including: MadreDeus (Portugal), Stefano Bollani (Italy), Rum Tareq Al Nasser (Jordan), Ibrahim Maalouf (Lebanon), and Omar Sosa (Cuba) amongst others.
The musical attractions includes the Brazilian pianist Nelson Freire, the singer Gilberto Gil, who will be accompanied by the Orquestra de Sopros da Pro Arte, Jards Macalé, Nelson Freire and BNegão e os Seletores de Frequência.


Raul de Souza, carioca composer and trombonist, inventor of "Souzabone".


The Educational Program it is an opportunity for music students and the general public to have direct contact with the artists during free master classes. MIMO has hosted over 15,000 students at master classes, talks, conducting courses, orchestra training workshops and MIMO for Kids, aimed at school-children. 

The MIMO Film Festival combines feature films, animation and documentaries, shorts and feature-length movies - many of which are debut screenings. The films all have links to music and are projected onto open-air screens, in church patios, market squares and museums. The Film Festival does not have a competition strand. All screenings are free and enhanced by the beautiful settings of the historical city of Olinda.
Some of the films that will be shown during the festival include Olhu Nu (Naked Eye), Nilton Pereira’s Pernamcubanos, A Batalha do Passinho (Passinho Battles), Desagradável (Unpleasant), Lira Paulistana E A Vanguarda Paulista (Lira Theatre and the São Paulo Avant-Garde), Marcelo Machado’s Tropicália, Eryk Rocha’s Jards, Vou Rifar Meu Coração (Love Lottery) and Faroeste Caboclo (Caboclo Western).
The expansion of MIMO's activities throughout the rest of the year is known as MIMO Wave. It includes the launch of educational activities in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte; the launch of social networking platforms, talks and workshop programmes and a travelling photography exhibition commemorating 10 years of MIMO. The team has also announced the launch of new communications platforms, with exclusive content, such as a web radio with 6 channels of music and apps for the festival host cities.
You can find more information about the festival on the official site mimo.art.br.
MIMO Festival Olinda 2013


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