Recife's Hidden Gems: Seasonal Sightseeing Tour


Discover the Lesser-Known Attractions

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Recife, a coastal city in northeastern Brazil, is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant culture. However, there are many hidden gems in the city that are often overlooked by tourists. In this seasonal sightseeing tour, we will explore some of Recife's lesser-known attractions that are sure to awe and inspire you.

1. Praia de Porto de Galinhas

Escape the city and head to Praia de Porto de Galinhas, a gorgeous beach known for its crystal-clear waters and natural pools. Relax on the sandy shores or partake in water sports like snorkeling and surfing.


2. Instituto Ricardo Brennand

Immerse yourself in art and history at the Instituto Ricardo Brennand, a museum showcasing an impressive collection of weapons, armor, and artwork. The lush gardens and castle-like buildings are just as captivating as the exhibits inside.


3. Recife Antigo

Wander around the historic neighborhood of Recife Antigo, where colonial-era buildings and cobblestone streets transport you back in time. Explore art galleries, shops, and restaurants in this charming district.


4. Recife and Olinda City Tour

Embark on a guided city tour of Recife and its sister city Olinda to learn about their history, culture, and architectural landmarks. Explore churches, museums, and colorful colonial buildings on this insightful excursion.


5. Recife Metropolitan Cathedral

Admire the grandeur of the Recife Metropolitan Cathedral, a historic church that showcases stunning architecture and religious artwork. Don't miss the opportunity to attend a mass or concert at this iconic landmark.


6. Recife Sunset Cruise

Set sail on a scenic sunset cruise along the coast of Recife, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city skyline and shoreline. Relax with a drink in hand as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.