Best Fernando de Noronha - Pousadas in Recife

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In recent decades Noronha has become a world-famous tourist destination, and its accomodation options are still developing. All are classified by the authorities as Pousadas (Guest houses): Luxury - Class 3, Standard - Class 2 and Basic Class 1.

Accomodation in Fernando de Noronha is relatively expensive - the price you pay for a paradisical holiday.Several Class 3 Pousadas have infinity pools with spectacular backdrops, international cuisine with guest chefs and all the modern facilities and services you might expect from a major 5-star hotel chain - with a price tag and celebrity guest list to match! Some are famous for their New Year parties.The Standard Pousadas are still very comfortable offering very adequate facilities and on-site services, for a lesser price, and are aimed more at the middle-class tourist who has come to Noronha to spend time and money near the natural wonders, fauna, flora and landscapes.Class 1 Pousadas offer normally a Bed and Breakfast service and are more affordable. Many local families, who originally lived of the sea and fishing, have turned to eco-tourism for a sustainable income, open their homes to visitors by renting out spare rooms. These cater for example for surfers, divers and biology researchers and students.

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